Gently Down the Stream

Posted in: Design on Friday August 7, 2009

gently down the stream

This is the first fun thing I did with Photoshop – on a dinky laptop.  I knew nothing when I created this scene.   It was all an experiment, and I know now that everything was done the hard way.    It was while I was playing around with this that I thought.. . hmmm… maybe I *can* design scrapbook kits like Lori suggested. 

 The image is somewhat disturbing,   but that’s how I wanted it to be.  This is the Lochsa river, which I photographed on my way to Montana.  These are my grandchildren.  Elly was trying to comfort her brother Tommy on the floor of my living room.  I was moved by her love and concern for him; that’s why I took the shot.  Life is precarious.   Life is dangerous.   Life is an adventure.  Life is fun.  The children get to decide how they will view this experience.   The Eyeball creature and her incubating babies may or may not be dangerous.  The tribe of  “little fellers”  are certainly curious, and may or may not be friendly.    The dark wolfish beast looking out from the shadows is kind of scary.    And that oversized  snake..?  Well as  (The Crocodile Hunter)  Steve Erwin might have said ..  “Krikey!  she’s a beauty!”    I miss Steve Irwin.

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