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Posted in: Design on Monday August 10, 2009

I knew immediately that I wanted my first kit to be an invitation into Clementine’s rustic outdoorsy western world. It’s my life, it’s what I love. I had a million ideas but, never having done this before, I was pretty scattered in my thinking. Finally I decided that Pioneers came before Cowboys. I put “A Cowboy Song” on the back burner so Lorie and I could settle our focus on a covered wagon theme. And voila! We created “A Pioneer Story.” I like it a lot. I’m also very anxious to get back and finish the Cowboy Song. It’s going to be cool.

I have a keen interest in the whole saga of the westward migration, and in fact my great grandparents had traveled to Oregon in a covered wagon. A couple summers ago I went on a road trip to follow the Oregon trail, visiting landmarks along the way. You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover the name ‘HOWELL’ carved into Independence Rock.

I’m pretty sure the real pioneer story was not a walk in the park and a picnic along the way. For one thing most all of the 500 thousand people who made that journey walked the entire way – a couple thousand miles. They would have been footsore. They ate dust daily. They suffered hardship. They died from accidents and sickness. And still they persevered in pursuit of a new life. I am in awe of all who have come before us in this world. No matter what race we are, what country we live in, our ancestors paved the way for us.


I wonder who these people are. and I wonder where *exactly* on the trail they are. One man. one little boy. Two women and four girls. Their faces look bronzed by the sun. they seem weary. the children are barefoot. Can you imagine such a journey? I wish I could walk right into this photo and speak with them.

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