Parlor Beauty

Posted in: Jewelry on Tuesday August 11, 2009


Rhodonite (pink) and Prehnite (green). I’m not sure, but I think the better quality of prehnite does not have the dark inclusions.    But the thing is, the ones with the inclusions are my favorite. What an awesome pendant this is. The dark green “leaf” matches the dark inclusions in the beads. I’ve also used a few blister pearls, a sprinkle of silver and some rosy quartz.

  1. Comment by Cynthia Taylor — September 15, 2009

    Lovely jewellery gal! you should be selling tons of the stuff. so beautiful and original.. I’m not fond of wearing jewllery but I’m be proud to wear one of yours. My favourtie from this collection is Parlar Beauty. The colours are beautiful and the balance and style are perfect…. we need to talk… Why arn’t you selling online… I’m learning marketing strategies… Let’s put our ‘heads together’…..

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