Electric Blue

Posted in: Jewelry on Wednesday August 12, 2009


I don’t know how he did it but Jesse DeMoss created an electric storm here.  I wish the photo could properly convey the flashing activity inside this pendant.


Mushroom garden

Posted in: Jewelry on Wednesday August 12, 2009

I think this is the cutest little thing, tiny green and raisen colored mushrooms popping up out of teal bedrock.

Ice Phoenix

Posted in: Jewelry on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Ice Phoenix

This pendant is an older model :-)   It  was one of Jesse DeMoss‘  first creations.  I’m glad I held onto it because I’ve since come to recognize that no two are ever alike.  Do you see those sad looking gray rocks?  What a surprise they are.  They look dull, but when sun hits them just right they dazzle and spray flashing blue lights.  The stone is called Labradorite.  I think it’s neato-skeeto.

Rasberry Lime

Posted in: Jewelry on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Rasberries and limes

A pretty painterly pendant that begged for garnets and peridot chips.

Bath Time

Posted in: Photo Adventures on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Another flattering picture of me (not!) This is how it was last summer.   kinda nice in a way.    But I like it in the house way better.   And running HOT water is such a treat you have no idea unless you’ve gone a few years without such a luxury.

Bob the Owl

Posted in: Photo Adventures on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Bob no the owl

Me and Bob.

This little guy was found in the woods when he was a mere ball of fluff.  Having fallen from the nest long before he owned wings to fly, he was like a sitting duck on a pile of pine needles.  Coyote bait he was, but luckily he was rescued by a friend and raised at my son’s house.  He was fed raw hamburger,  mice from grandma’s mouse trap, and sardines until he grew and became quite a nuisance.

Coming in for a landing!

Bob was a cutey pie,  but his cuteness could not cancel out his wild birdish ways.    Every time anyone was outside  he screetched loudly and incessantly begging for a dead mouse or sardine to be tossed into the air for him to catch.     He couldn’t  be blamed for such rude behavior for he had been raised that way.    But there’s more.    Whenever visitors arrived Bob would terrorize them by swooping down upon their cars and scratching the paint with his sharp talons.   And freinds with small dogs were afraid to let their pets outside for potty calls for fear Bob would fly down , snatch them away and dine on them.     And believe me it happens.    Some people I know in this valley let their beloved Chihuahua out the back door one evening and to their utter horror a big owl swooped down right in front of them and carried Pepe off and there was not a thing they could do about it.

Yes Bob was a beautiful sight perched up high in that pine tree near the house.   But with all the screetching, and pooping on the porch ,  and the terrorizing of guests,  it soon became apparent that good ol Bob would have to go.    So the little feller was relocated to a nice big ranch in the next valley over.   I hope he’s a happy little dude with a belly full of mice.


Pearl Water on a Cat's Tongue

Posted in: Jewelry on Tuesday August 11, 2009


Gobs of dark pearls, crystal quartz and copper. The pendant was made with silver fume. Small chunks of silver were put in front of the torch, which turned the metal to smoke - or fumes if you will. The fume instantly adheres to the molten glass. Well, I wasn’t there but that’s what I was told.  :-)  It looks like a cat’s tongue to me.

Here we go Loopty Loo

Posted in: Jewelry on Tuesday August 11, 2009

Beautiful chrysocolla stones and a fun glass pendant.  I pounded high grade silver into loops to match the loopy pendant.  I also made a pounded silver clasp, which of course is in back where you can’t see it. 🙂

Parlor Beauty

Posted in: Jewelry on Tuesday August 11, 2009


Rhodonite (pink) and Prehnite (green). I’m not sure, but I think the better quality of prehnite does not have the dark inclusions.    But the thing is, the ones with the inclusions are my favorite. What an awesome pendant this is. The dark green “leaf” matches the dark inclusions in the beads. I’ve also used a few blister pearls, a sprinkle of silver and some rosy quartz.

It's about stinkin time.

Posted in: Design on Monday August 10, 2009

I knew immediately that I wanted my first kit to be an invitation into Clementine’s rustic outdoorsy western world. It’s my life, it’s what I love. I had a million ideas but, never having done this before, I was pretty scattered in my thinking. Finally I decided that Pioneers came before Cowboys. I put “A Cowboy Song” on the back burner so Lorie and I could settle our focus on a covered wagon theme. And voila! We created “A Pioneer Story.” I like it a lot. I’m also very anxious to get back and finish the Cowboy Song. It’s going to be cool.

I have a keen interest in the whole saga of the westward migration, and in fact my great grandparents had traveled to Oregon in a covered wagon. A couple summers ago I went on a road trip to follow the Oregon trail, visiting landmarks along the way. You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover the name ‘HOWELL’ carved into Independence Rock.

I’m pretty sure the real pioneer story was not a walk in the park and a picnic along the way. For one thing most all of the 500 thousand people who made that journey walked the entire way – a couple thousand miles. They would have been footsore. They ate dust daily. They suffered hardship. They died from accidents and sickness. And still they persevered in pursuit of a new life. I am in awe of all who have come before us in this world. No matter what race we are, what country we live in, our ancestors paved the way for us.


I wonder who these people are. and I wonder where *exactly* on the trail they are. One man. one little boy. Two women and four girls. Their faces look bronzed by the sun. they seem weary. the children are barefoot. Can you imagine such a journey? I wish I could walk right into this photo and speak with them.

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