Posted in: Design on Friday August 14, 2009

What does it profit a man......

What does it profit a man......

I designed this for a t-shirt.      Maybe it’s lame,  but tough beans.   I like it.   That’s my far away boyfriend sitting up on the mountain.   He wasn’t really looking at a city.   he was looking out over a beautiful valley up in the mountains on a hike we took.

  1. Comment by Elaine — October 24, 2009

    This is so awsome. Have you heard the song, it’s sort of a christian rap song by ? that says this same thing. I’ll put it on facebook for you. This is such a fun website Barb. It really lets you be creative!

  2. Comment by Clementine — June 2, 2010

    Hi Grant. I’ll have it printed soon. If you’re still interested check back with me.. I don’t like cheesy christian stuff either. But there certainly is some wisdom and comfort to be found in some of the old sayings.

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