A Note to File Sharers

Posted in: Journal Entries on Monday July 19, 2010

Ok.   here’s what I think about file sharing.   I can certainly see why you’d want to go that route.   Why buy when you can get something for free?    I get that.

The cabin I live in has electricity in only one room., but that’s better then it used to be , when there was NO electricity at all!     Not long ago I paid my neighbor 300 dollars to put some wiring in the walls and some outlets so I could have electricity in the kitchen.     But that’s as far as I could go with it.   no more money for such frivolous things.       I have had running water here only since last December,.   and it’s  only in the bathroom.    But once again… that’s better then it used to be with NO running water at all.    I guess I’ve moved up in the world because I have a working toilet now…but this situation has only been in place  for less than a year now.

I’ve not had a way to wash clothes at home for 22 or maybe 23 years!     I am well aware that so many women in the world have it worse then me.    But I gotta tell you… not being able to wash clothes at home for this long has been a drag.   I’m not complaining.    I appreciate all that i do have.    I have  a good life.    I love where I live.   It’s very beautiful.     I just don’t have a regular income.   The money train rarely stops here.     I’m only bringing these facts to your attention to make a point.

I’ve been getting  by on such a small amount of money that many of you will not believe that I  live on less then 5 thousand dollars a year.   But it’s the truth.    My income is so far below poverty level that I don’t even register on the official scale.   I don’t go anywhere.  I don’t do anything that costs money.     I grow a garden and pick  fruit in the fall to keep me through the winter.     The only heat I have is from a wood stove and I scrounge at  the local timber mill for wood scraps to fill my wood shed.    I haven’t been able to BUY firewood in a couple years.

I’m not telling you this so that you will feel sorry for me.   I don’t need that.   I just don’t want to be a far away nothing nobody to you.   I’d like for  you to be aware of who I am and how I live before you take my things from a file sharing group.         I’m not an artist.   I’ve been cramming this stuff into my head for just a little over a year.   Studying books.   watching Lorie Davison at work, getting tips and lessons from her,.  and spending hour upon hour every day experimenting and teaching myself techniques so I can do this!!    Because   I don’t know what else to do!    There are no available jobs in this impoverished valley any more.

My point is this:   If you take my kits to a file sharing group.   or if you have obtained my kits through a file sharing group you will all sooner then later put me  out of business before I even get started.    A lot of designers already have had to stop creating these things for you because you don’t want to pay for them.     It’s kind of sad.    These kits take a tremendous amount of time to create.  I can’t afford to sit in front of a computer all day long for nothing.     Gee whiz ,  in fact the computer itself I could never have afforded.   It was a gift from a freind who said   “I believe in you.”    Someone else paid for the internet service for 6 months.

If you like my kits enough to want to use them.,   please know that I have a lot of ideas for many more fun kits that I’d like to make., but… if more kits are being used for free then are being paid for..  it will be impossible for me to continue to create them.

Here’s the deal….. if you make less than I do a year.   If you make less than 5 thousand dollars a year…  take it!   you’re welcome to use my kits  free if your  income is less then mine.     But if you have running water in your kitchen sink.   if you have a washing machine.   if you have electric lights in every room of your home.   if you can afford to drive your car.   or go to a movie.   or.. Whatever…. just  ask God if it’s ok  for you to take this opportunity away from me.    If the answer is yes I can’t dispute what is in your heart.    Ok?