The Bobcat

Posted in: Photo Adventures on Monday July 19, 2010


This is me holding a sleeping bobcat.   He was a young one who had been terrorizing lambs and chickens at night.

The fish and game was called and it was very interesting to watch them shoot the little guy out of a big pine tree.

He got shot with a dart gun .. sleeping potion knocked him out within minutes and he plummeted to the ground.    The snow was deep so

he didn’t get hurt.   It was so neat to be able to pick him up and hold him like a kitten because he was so completely conked out.

The fish and game dept.   relocated him to some place

far away from lambs and chickens.

Running Water

Posted in: Photo Adventures on Monday May 24, 2010

Running water!I can’t say this is the most flattering shot of me,  I was rather giddy at the time,   happy to finally have running water in the house.    It was   sometime after Christmas when this happened.   Although the bathtub is the only place the water comes out,  I’m so happy to have it I don’t mind taking care of all my watering needs in the tub.  Like washing veggies., getting a drink, water for cooking,  washing the dishes etc. .    Sure beats what I was doing before.

Bath Time

Posted in: Photo Adventures on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Another flattering picture of me (not!) This is how it was last summer.   kinda nice in a way.    But I like it in the house way better.   And running HOT water is such a treat you have no idea unless you’ve gone a few years without such a luxury.

Bob the Owl

Posted in: Photo Adventures on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Bob no the owl

Me and Bob.

This little guy was found in the woods when he was a mere ball of fluff.  Having fallen from the nest long before he owned wings to fly, he was like a sitting duck on a pile of pine needles.  Coyote bait he was, but luckily he was rescued by a friend and raised at my son’s house.  He was fed raw hamburger,  mice from grandma’s mouse trap, and sardines until he grew and became quite a nuisance.

Coming in for a landing!

Bob was a cutey pie,  but his cuteness could not cancel out his wild birdish ways.    Every time anyone was outside  he screetched loudly and incessantly begging for a dead mouse or sardine to be tossed into the air for him to catch.     He couldn’t  be blamed for such rude behavior for he had been raised that way.    But there’s more.    Whenever visitors arrived Bob would terrorize them by swooping down upon their cars and scratching the paint with his sharp talons.   And freinds with small dogs were afraid to let their pets outside for potty calls for fear Bob would fly down , snatch them away and dine on them.     And believe me it happens.    Some people I know in this valley let their beloved Chihuahua out the back door one evening and to their utter horror a big owl swooped down right in front of them and carried Pepe off and there was not a thing they could do about it.

Yes Bob was a beautiful sight perched up high in that pine tree near the house.   But with all the screetching, and pooping on the porch ,  and the terrorizing of guests,  it soon became apparent that good ol Bob would have to go.    So the little feller was relocated to a nice big ranch in the next valley over.   I hope he’s a happy little dude with a belly full of mice.